Shun money culture

Chief Minister Pema Khandu’s appeal to shun money culture during election is an earnest call which every Arunachalee should support. One of the main reasons for backwardness of state is money culture. During the time of election voters get lured by money and end up voting for the wrong candidates. After winning election, the candidates get busy to recover the money spent during the time of election and naturally development issue takes complete backseat. The voters also lose the moral right to question their leaders having already accepted money in lieu of vote.
Unless this money culture ends, the Arunachal Pradesh will never truly progress. The people of state should choose whether they want long term development or short term monetary gain? It is easy to blame politicians but what about the role of the citizens? If people do not hold their leader’s accountable then state will not develop. There should be a mass movement against money culture throughout the state. Youngsters should take a lead and educate the masses about its ill effects. Selling votes is like selling the future of state. No country or state will progress if people sell themselves to the politicians. Let us all take a pledge and start rigorous movement against money culture starting with assembly election in 2019.