Take the help of experts

Eight people have been killed in the last one week at Likabali under Lower Siang district due to falling of boulders trigged by the heavy landslides. Five of them include personnel of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). The incident reportedly took place due to earth cutting for the construction of two lane highway from Likabali to Bame. Similar kind of dangerous landslide incidents are being reported from various parts of state. Especially in the areas where Trans-Arunachal and other highway projects are currently going on, the maximum number of landslides have been reported.
Also Papu-Yupia-Potin stretch of Trans Arunachal Highway(TAH) has been damaged severely due to massive landslide at multiple places. This stretch of road was completed only two years and now it is in terrible condition. Infact situation is so bad that Papum Pare district administration have warned people not to use the said road during night time. The authorities need to study this pattern and conduct a thorough research to figure out why maximum number of landslide related incidents is taking place along the newly constructed highways. Who is at fault? Is it due to wrong technology or it is constructing agencies who are constructing faulty highways? Several important road projects are coming up in the state. Therefore state government should take help of experts and professionals to make the highways safer. Roads are constructed for the betterment of the citizens. If people dread to use road, then what is the point of constructing them.