Growing case of lynching

The incidents of lynching based on rumours spread through social media are spreading like wildfire in the country. In the latest incident five youth hailing from a poor nomadic community were brutally killed by mob on Sunday at Dhule in Maharasthra. They had come from Solapur in search of livelihood. The lynching was apparently triggered by social media posts claiming that the victims were part of a gang of child lifters. In the last two months several such incidents of mob lynching are being reported from various parts of the country. Most of these lynching’s took place because of the rumour circulated on social media about child lifter being active.
There is an urgent need for widespread publicity to counter these kinds of baseless rumours. The central along with state government will have to join hand together and launch massive campaign to educate the masses. The misuse of social media platform should be checked. Strict action needs to be initiated against those fueling false rumours. This growing lawlessness should be arrested before situation goes out of control. People are getting lynched on suspicion of being child lifter and cow smuggler. If citizens start taking law into their own hand then there will be complete chaos. It will be detrimental for the development of the country. The social harmony is must to create conducive atmosphere for development of the country.