Eye opener

The arrest of three persons including former deputy commissioner of Lower Subansiri district by Special Investigation Cell (SIC) for their alleged involvement in gross irregularities in the matter of payment of compensation against the Joram-Koloriang Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) project is an eye opener for the rest of state. Most of the TAH project in the state got stalled because of the exorbitant compensation claim. The central government has shown lot of reluctance to provide the compensation money. With the arrest of govt officials and public in the compensation issue, the whole picture is clear now.
The unholy nexus of the govt officials and few individuals ensured that majority of compensation money were illegally usurped by a select group of people. Unfortunately those people whose structures are actually going to be affected by construction of TAH but who could not influence officials were not properly paid. On the other hand, the influential people manage to get hefty payment even without having required structure. The SIC should widen the scope of investigation and arrest all the people involved in the scam. They have not only misused compensation money but have also put huge question mark over the future road projects in the state. Henceforth the government of India will be extremely careful while approving road projects for the state.