Conserve forest

The Environment & Forests Minister Nabam Rebia on Saturday warned that water sources in the state is drying up and state may face acute water crisis in years to come. The minister has issued a disturbing warning and everyone will have to work together to mitigate the crisis. Recently, the whole country was shocked when Shimla town faced serious water crisis. Who would have thought that a hilly region with rivers, streams and forests will face shortage of water? It is a sad truth that over the years several streams and rivulets has dried up across the state.
The main cause for the drying of water sources is the rampant feeling of trees. The increase in population is forcing people to settle in new areas. This leads to destruction of forests. The clearing of forests for jhum cultivation and other agri-horti related activities is also contributing to drying of water sources. Worryingly the forest coverage of state has come down in the last few years. If urgent action is not initiated, the days are not far when state, especially urban areas will face severe water crisis. The state government in particularly department of environment and forest will have to play an important role. They will have to coordinate with departments like PHED, agriculture and horticulture. Mass awareness campaign should be launched to educate the citizens about the need to conserve forest for the future generation. The conservation of forest will ensure continues availability of water for the coming generation.