Shifting of loyalty continues

On Monday Arunachal witnessed yet another shifting of loyalties by the MLAs. Seven out of the nine MLAs from the Peoples’ Party of Arunachal (PPA) joined National People’s Party (NPP). Apart from the sadness expressed by PPA president Kahfa Bengia, there was no major reaction to such a big political move. It seems people of Arunachal are fed up of the constant shifting of loyalties and hardly care about what elected representative does. The last 4 years have witness several change of party by the MLAs of Arunachal Pradesh.
Majority of them were elected on Congress ticket but some joined BJP, others PPA and now some in NPP. Congress is left with only one MLA in former Chief Minister Nabam Tuki. The constant shifting of loyalties not only confuses the voters, but also hurts the image of the state. It affects the morale of the citizens. A message is being sent out that being in opposition, MLAs will not be able to serve the people of their constituency. This is absolutely wrong. The politicians across globe work with certain ideologies and principles. Sadly in Arunachal power seems to be the only source of inspiration for the politicians. The more this continues, the more it will damage the state. The time has come for young generation politicians to enter politics and clean up the system. Unless new people with new ideas join politics, the old generation will continue to rot the state with their greed.