Pressure groups should mend ways

In absence of the strong opposition parties, the people of Arunachal have often looked upto pressure groups especially students unions to raise the issues concerning the ordinary citizens of state. Since the union territory days, they have always played critical role in the history of state. Be it Chakma-Hajong refugee problem, Assam-Arunachal boundary row or corruption issues, people always look upto the pressure groups particularly students unions to play an important role. However in recent year the things have changed for bad. Often the allegation of extortion and forceful collection from the shopkeepers by the members of students unions keeps pouring in from various parts of state.
On Tuesday, Khonsa West MLA Tirong Aboh made a startling allegation that a student leader from Tirap district entered his home and tried to extort money from him. In another incident, a student body has been alleged of indulging in forceful collection of donation in West Kameng district. These kinds of allegations deeply hurt the image of the student bodies. Once respected, today the people of state have become wary of them. This is a very sad situation. The pressure group can play pivotal role in the development of state but unfortunately they have acquired notoriety for indulging in destructive activities. In order to earn the respect and adulation of the people, they will have to mend their ways. If this continues a day may come when people might socially boycott the student’s bodies. Its time they introspect and correct themselves before it’s too late.