Crack down on cow vigilantism

The cow vigilantism is back with the vengeance. This time a man was beaten to death at Alwar in Rajasthan on Friday night by villagers who accused him of cow smuggling. Victim has been identified as Akbar Khan. Shockingly as per report, police instead of taking him to hospital were busy arranging vehicles to take the seized cows to a shelter and even stopped for tea before getting medical help for the injured man. The inhuman behavior of police makes them complicit with cow vigilantes. The cow vigilantism is leading to killing of several people on the mere suspicion of being smugglers.
Unfortunately the BJP governments in the states as well as in centre have failed to control the killing of people in the name of protecting cow. Today in India cow is safer than human being. Killing people in the name of faith simply cannot be justified. These kinds of incidents especially seem to target minorities. Atrocities against religious minorities like Muslim, Christian and Dalits are on the rise. No country can progress if its minorities do not feel safe. The onus lies with government to ensure safety and security of the citizens. The government of India should bring out strong anti-lynching laws. Also they should crack down the illegal activities being carried out by the cow vigilantes. These anti-social elements have no right to kill people using their religious faith.