Success story

The jan sunwai sammelan (JSS) programme launched by state government has gained immense popularity among the masses. Under JSS, the government departments provide all the service to the people at one particular designated place within time bound. Most of the JSS camps have been organized at rural areas thereby helping the poor and marginalized section of the society. In Arunachal majority of government schemes remain only in paper and are availed by rich and influential section of society. Even those schemes and programmes announced for poor hardly benefit them.
In the face of all of this, the popularity and acceptance of JSS among masses is something to cheer about. The government of Arunachal deserves appreciation for launching this people oriented scheme. However they should increase its frequency and take it to more interior places. The jan sunwai sammelan should be conducted atleast once in every two months. Further the success and popularity of this programmes shows that if implemented with sincerity, the government schemes does benefit the actual beneficiaries. State government should review the implementation process of the several of its schemes and check whether it is benefiting those it is meant for. Especially the schemes launched for the farmers hardly benefit them. Most of the agriculture, horticulture and veterinary related schemes launched in the state are big failures. It rarely benefits the farmers. These schemes are mostly misused by the officials and panchpayat leaders. Hope everyone will take cue from the success of JSS programme and sincerely work for the success of the other government schemes.