Exciting days ahead

With the commencement of classes at Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science (TRIHMS) from today onwards, the long cherished dream of having a medical college of its own has been finally fulfilled. It is still early days and much work is needed to truly develop TRIHMS as a world class medical institute. The sincerity of TRIHMS authorities and that of political leadership of state will be tested in the shaping of the future of medical college. If they manage to develop the state’s lone medical college into a world class institution their names will be etched in the history of state.
On the contrary if they messed up the project, the people of state will never forgive them. Therefore lot depends on the earnestness of the TRIHMS authorities. Unfortunately some of the major educational institutions of state like NERIST and NIT have been totally messed up by the greedy local contractors and the infighting among the local employees. The sour experience with both the institutions has made the people of Arunachal to worry about the future of TRIHMS. During the build up to the launch of college, the bitter infighting among senior doctors of Tomo Riba State Hospital almost derailed the medical college project. Now that college has started the doctors should put state interest ahead of their personal interest. Their infighting should not be allowed to cause damage to the college. Everyone should join hand together to develop TRIHMS as one of the best medical colleges of the India. It’s an exciting days ahead for the medical profession in the state.