Make APPSC more professional

The Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) surprised everyone by declaring the result of the prelims exam. Immediately after exam ended few candidates raised concern over question paper and everyone thought once again the whole exam process might run into trouble. But to the credit of commission it stood ground and declared the result. The commission made it clear that grievances of the complainants were addressed before declaring the results. If that is the case, the candidates should gracefully accept the result and don’t create anymore hurdle.
But the commission should also learn from the mistakes and try to keep improving. The concerns raised by the candidates should be looked upon while conducting the exams in future. However, it is also unfair to raise suspicion on every exam conducted by the commission. No doubt the commission needs to improve its work culture and be more professional. It is believed that government is already working towards it with recent announcement of creation of more posts for the commission. The state government should give proper training to the people responsible for conducting the competitive exam. On regular basis workshop and training should be conducted for the staff of APPSC with the help of experts from outside the state. Also while selecting the members and chairman of commission, emphasis should be given to the candidates with strong academic background. Too much of political appointment over the year have destroyed the credibility of the APPSC.