Deserves better treatment

Yet again the teaching communities working under Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) are on agitation mode seeking batch wise regularization. Teachers working under SSA are contractual and are deprived of several facilities which a regular teacher enjoys. Time and again the SSA teachers take the path of agitation either seeking regularization of job or for the release of their salaries. Despite all the assurance the successive state governments have failed to resolve the issues concerning the SSA teachers. It might be too difficult to regularize all the teachers at one go but government should look into their demand and find ways to resolve it.
Also the teachers working under SSA and RMSA do not get their salary on time. Sometimes it takes several months for them to get salary. How can state government as well as people of state expect these teachers to sincerely perform duty when government itself does not pay them on time? First of all the government should work out a long term mechanism to ensure that salary is paid on time. These teachers also have families to feed and by failing to properly pay them, the state government is causing immense pain and agony. It is an unpleasant sight to see teachers protesting in the street instead of teaching in the classes. Govt should stop mistreating these agitating teachers. The SSA and RMSA teachers are backbone of education department. These teachers deserve to be treated better by the government.