Controversial statement

One of the most respected spiritual leaders of world his holiness Dalai Lama, the political cum spiritual head of Tibetan community has found himself in the middle of controversy over a recent statement he made at Goa. His holiness while addressing the students alleged that former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was responsible for partition of India. His comment has created ripple across the political circle. Congress party was not happy and many historians also questioned veracity of his statement forcing Dalai Lama to express regret. It is not really a surprising statement coming at a time when leaders of ruling party on regular basis abuses Jawaharlal Nehru and father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.
In all probability Dalai Lama is trying to be in the good book of ruling BJP and its ideological mentor RSS. But doing so, his holiness should not forget that had Nehru did not intervene; he would have never found sanctuary in India. Nehru with all his weakness was a secular leader, who truly believed in democratic values. He took huge risk of allowing Dalai Lama and large number of Tibetans to take refuge in India at the expense of angering China. The relation between India and China has remained sour ever since India opened its door to Dalai Lama, who is considered as separatist by China. Therefore it is unwise on the part of his holiness to make such kind of political statement against the very man who stood for him and his community when no one was willing to help them.