Good beginning

The decision of the union cabinet to bring in ordinance to make instant triple talaq punishable offence is a step in right direction. Henceforth, the instant triple talaq is a punishable offence with a three-year jail term. The bill got stuck in Rajya Sabha as the politicians failed to reach consensus on certain provisions of the bill. There may be differences over provisions of bill but everyone should work together to pass this bill. Ordinance has its own limitations. The triple talaq is a social evil and it needs to be erased from the society.
The educated and forward thinking members of Muslim community should come out strongly in support of this bill. It will be unfair to judge this move through the prism of religion and politics. The BJP lead NDA government deserves some credit for this initiative. This is issue of gender justice, gender dignity and gender equality. For years the Muslim women have been abused by male using instant triple talaq as weapon. The religious leaders of Muslim community is trying their best to try give communal colour to it, which should be denounced. Infact in majority of Islamic countries the instant triple talaq has been banned long time ago. In that sense India is very late. But a beginning has been and hopefully it will empower the Muslim women in true sense.