Let school remain temple of learning

Astonishingly 110 numbers of smart phones were seized from the students of Government Higher Secondary School (GHSS), Seppa on Wednesday. The phone was confiscated in a joint operation by the East Kameng Social Welfare and Cultural Organization (EKSWCO), WWO, SMDC and school authority. It is a good move to ban the use of mobile phones in the school as they are big source of distraction for the students. Infact the use of mobile phone in the school should be banned in all the schools of state be it private or government and strict action should be taken against those who violate such order.
The easy availability of smart phones and internet has made children vulnerable. Misuse of these modern technologies can have catastrophic affect. The schools are temple of learning. After entering the school campus the children should forget everything and concentrate in learning process. If they are busy using smart phones in school, how will they concentrate in study? EKSWCO should continue its endeavor to streamline functioning of GHSS, Seppa. Civil society bodies and local NGOs will have to take lead role in such effort. Such initiatives will boost the morale of the teaching community. The education department should take cue from effort of EKSWCO and involve local NGOs/civil society bodies in other parts of state to improve the functioning of government run schools.