Work out a solution

The confrontation between Confederation of Service Associations of Arunachal Pradesh (CoSAAP) and government of Arunachal over various demands of CoSAAP is intensifying with each passing days. Infact the disagreement between CoSAAP and state government is fast turning into a kind of confrontation with both sides refusing to back down from their respective stand. The CoSAAP has gone ahead with second phase of Pen & Tool down strike which will end on Friday. Refusing to budge the state government through an order has directed Heads of Departments to deduct one day salary of all the employees who are on Pen/ Tool down strike, on the first day (25 Oct) on the principle of “No Work No Pay”. More action has been warned if strike continues on second day.
In this fierce battle it is the ordinary citizens who are suffering most. The important files related to development are getting stuck. Already the babus of Arunachal are notorious for holding files unless being made happy. Now this pen and tool down strike has further crippled the governance. The period from October to April is peak working season in the state. Majority of development projects especially those related to construction are undertaken during this period. But now due to ongoing strike the files are not moving ahead and therefore department are not able to execute these projects. In the greater interest of the state, the CoSAAP and state government need to work out a solution at the earliest. Their ego clash should not be allowed to cost state dearly.