Improve ties with neighbours

It is a worrying time for India as Sri Lanka’s controversial former strongman leader Mahinda Rajapakse was on Friday instilled as the country’s new prime minister in a surprise move announced moments after the incumbent premier Ranil Wickremesinghe was sacked. There was no immediate word from Wickremesinghe, who helped President Maithripala Sirisena defeat Rajapakse in the 2015 elections but has drifted apart from the president since. The pair were reported to have clashed in cabinet last week over government plans to lease a container terminal to neighbouring India. Mr Wickremesinghe is considered to be close friend of India.
His sacking will hurt the India’s interest in the island nation. During the reign of Mahinda Rajapakse as president, Sri Lanka developed close ties with China. He is believed to very close to Chinese leaders and his induction as PM will definitely worry India. In the last few years the neighbours like Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka have all drifted away from India and is becoming backyard of the China. In a way, the dragon is trying to surround India and their intention does not look good. India needs to constantly remain in vigil and take more initiatives to improve ties with the immediate neighbours. It is in the interest of India to develop better relation with countries like Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka.