Take concrete step

Air pollution level in National Capital Delhi continues to be severe. According to Central Pollution Control Board, air quality is deteriorating with each passing days. As the winter approaches the condition is going from bad to worse. Situation is so bad that all the construction activities, involving excavation, have been stopped in the capital till Saturday. This is not a new thing for the national capital. Every year during winter pollution level rises in Delhi. Unfortunately none of the political parties or government takes this issue seriously.
Instead often there is blame game over it. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has blamed stubble burning by farmers in Punjab for increase in pollution and alleged that Punjab government has not done enough to control it. Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh on his part has drawn attention to other factors such as vehicular and industrial pollution, construction activities, burning of waste at landfill sites. He questioned why the air quality remains as poor in the months of January and February when there is no stubble burning in any neighbouring states. The government of India is keeping complete mum over the issue. In this battle of wits between state government of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and central government it is people who are suffering. If concrete step is not taken now it may have severe repercussion in years to come. The threat of pollution is real and very dangerous too. Everyone will have to join hand together to fight this menace.