Ensure fair distribution of govt. employees

The student body All East Kameng District Students’ Union on Tuesday sought retention of doctors who have been transferred from district hospital until their relievers joins. There is an apprehension that if the relievers do not join, there will be crisis in the district which is a serious issue. The transfer and posting of doctors, nurses, teachers etc is a very complicated matter. Quite often the relievers do not join due to which people suffer a lot.
Especially in the interior areas things become grimmer. Most of the government employees prefer the comfort of state capital and district headquarters. They work in interior areas for few years and after that seek transfer to the urban areas. The problem starts after that. In many instances the relievers do not join because of which the people gets devoid of basic services. There is huge concentration of government employees especially doctors, nurses and teachers in the capital region and district headquarters. Despite several attempts to carry out mass transfer of doctor, nurse and teacher the state government has so far miserably failed. The people living in interior parts of districts continue to be deprived of the basic services. Therefore state should ensure equal distribution of government employees especially circle officers, doctors, nurses, teachers etc in all the districts of state.