Manufacturing chaos in the name of democracy

Dear Editor,
I am discouraged and appalled by the way some politicians are suddenly showing support for the pro postponement protesters and siding with those who are manufacturing chaos in the name of democracy. Does it not encourage entitlement by rewarding anarchy?
Should willing candidates suffer for abiding by the law and following the HC’s directive?
In today’s headlines, APCC President Takam Sanjoy urges others to skip the next papers. Will he personally be responsible for me — for every individual candidates’ burden, rent, coaching, and other expenses for the next year? It adds to the sorry state of this prestigious examination if our representatives, executives, civil societies, pressure groups and unions keep endorsing and pandering to the whims and fancies of the misguided.
If a serious aspirant claims “stress” and “mental harassment” as an excuse for his lack of preparation, what does it say about the mental strength needed in the future COs and DSPs who will be tasked with extremely stressful responsibilities once appointed? Those arguing about timing should appear for the next examination if this is not favourable. How can we expect APPSC to cater to individual needs?
Much of what is being reported and shared on social media is doctored to show that the protesters are being deprived and have suffered police brutality. Lathi charge and water are known to be more peaceful ways to disrupt a mob against harsher alternatives. The videos are spread out of context. From personal experience, the police and organisers have simply been trying to alleviate the situation and are using necessary means to escort willing candidates to the examination centres. Barricades were set up to protect us from the “peaceful” protesters. We were even offered refreshments and asked to be mindful of the risks if we chose to leave during the hour break. It was announced multiple times that any candidate who wished to enter to give the exam would be escorted in. The invigilators were also lenient about time.
Be honest – If you chose not to enter inspite of all this, it is because you were convinced and so complied with your “friends” ; You were not forced.
Many candidates are being bullied daily by the “peaceful” protesters. We have managed to disregard 6 hours of continuous noise pollution and slogan screaming while we write our papers. On the 11th after Paper ii, they hurled abuses and mock clapped as we made our way out. They gherao-ed and chanted ‘shame-shame’ in an attempt to convert us.
They claimed that we were traitors who had bought our seats and were “using” politics. Who is going to politicians now?
Mm candidature ultimately hangs on my preparation and the final decision by the court, whatever and whenever that may be.
I am abiding by the HC’s directive to continue to appear for the exam as we await today’s (hopefully) final ruling.
Some have been forwarding propaganda messages comparing this situation to a sinking ship in their bid to goad others to abandon and jump but please understand — I have chosen to not walk the plank with you to face the sharks.
Still Unconvinced,
and still Appearing