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Daily Archives: November 15, 2018

Women’s Fitness Club inaugurated at Roing

ROING, Nov 14: MLA Mutchu Mithi on Wednesday inaugurated a women's fitness club at the Mipi Pene Cultural Centre, Ezengo here in Lower Dibang...

DC starts action against illegal selling of meats/IMFLs

PASIGHAT, Nov 14: The East Siang District Commissioner Tamiyo Tatak has issued an order and also instructed the town magistrates to check illegal selling...

Ensure fair distribution of govt. employees

The student body All East Kameng District Students' Union on Tuesday sought retention of doctors who have been transferred from district hospital until their...

Continue the exam process: do not entertain mobocracy

Dear Editor, It was a sad state of affairs when the so-called 'democratic protesters' took law in their hand; and tried to forcibly stop the...

What is the basis of protest?

Dear Editor, I have been waiting to write this exam since 2011 and from next year I won't be eligible for this exam. I want...

‘Psychological affect’ of court case

Dear Editor, As a fresher who graduated this year,I feel the commission has failed to provide a level playing field to a candidate like me...

I want to compete in a fair game for all

Dear Editor, This in response to certain letters to editor published in your daily where some mains appearing candidates have claimed that candidates who were...

Why are you writing exam?

Dear Editor, '' If you want to find out who your real friends are, sink the ship. The first one to jump were never your...

Pathetic condition of Likabali-Aalo Highway

Dear Editor, I would like to express my grievances regarding the pathetic condition of Likabali-Aalo Highway. For many months now, the Likabali Aalo road is...

Manufacturing chaos in the name of democracy

Dear Editor, I am discouraged and appalled by the way some politicians are suddenly showing support for the pro postponement protesters and siding with those...


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