Punjab facing threat of terrorism

The state of Punjab has once again been rocked by terror attack. Three persons were killed and 20 injured in a grenade attack on a religious congregation on Amritsar city outskirts on Sunday. The incident took place inside the Nirankari Bhavan at Adliwal village near Amritsar. The attack took place despite army chief general Bipin Rawat recently warning that attempts were being made to ‘revive insurgency’ in Punjab and had even cautioned that people needed to be careful especially during the festival season to prevent anti-national forces from succeeding in their nefarious designs.
The Punjab police have termed the incident as an act of terror. Despite advance intelligence warning, the authorities failed to prevent the attack. Proper investigation should be conducted and people responsible for failing to properly work on the input provided by intelligence agency should be punished. After lot of sacrifice and hard work, the peace has returned to Punjab. For years it bore the brunt of Khalistani militancy. The hostile neighbour Pakistan, especially its spy agency ISI has been making every effort to revive Khalistan movement in the state. India is already battling terrorism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This never ending battle has left scar on everyone. Therefore, country cannot afford to open another battle front in Punjab. Every effort should be made to stop the return of insurgency in the state. Both central as well as state government should extend cooperation to each other in this battle against terrorism.