Governor should intervene

The deadlock between agitating aspirants and Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission is continuing even as hunger strike launched by aspirant Tater Gao has entered sixth day. The aspirants have been agitating seeking re-conduct of the recently concluded mains examinations on the ground that situation was not conducive to write exam due to legal issues. The commission refused to accept their demand and went ahead with the examination process. However due to the boycott of large number of candidates, huge question mark hangs over the credibility of mains exam. Today two cabinet ministers meet agitating students and tried to broker peace.
But the move did not yield any outcome as ministers failed to come up with concrete solution and instead washed off the responsibilities of state government by stating that APPSC is independent body and cannot be dictated. Instead of using autonomy as an excuse the state government should come out with an acceptable solution so that this deadlock ends at the earliest. Hunger strike is extreme form of protest and it is not a good sight to see fellow citizen suffer such an agony. Now that the state government as well as public service commission has failed, the Governor Dr BD Mishra being head of the state, should intervene and resolve the impasse. The longer agitation continues, the more it has potential to turn ugly. There are possibilities of law and order problem in the state capital if this agitation drags on. In the greater interest of state Governor should intervene at the earliest before situation goes out of control.