Never ending wait for justice

The families of murder victim whose cases are yet to be resolved on Tuesday organized a protest rally in the state capital Itanagar. Massive number of people from all walks of life spontaneously joined the protest and sent out a deafening sound of anger to the state government in particularly against home department. In recent year state police have failed to solve most of the murder cases. Families are forced to keep waiting for the justice. The travesty of justice continues without police being held accountable. They have been failing to solve case after case but no police personnel have so far been held responsible for it. The lack of leadership is also clearly visible. The home minister and director general of police are always found wanting.
They happily pose for the media while attending various official programmes but never speak a word about the growing failure of police to crack the murder cases. If this continues, how will the citizen trust state police? It is a great mystery as to how police fails to solve so many murder cases. This raises serious question mark over the credibility of state police and its leadership. The Home Minister Kumar Waii and DGP SBK Singh should take moral responsibilities for the failure of police to solve murder mystery of former MLA Ngurang Pinch, student leader Ojing Taying, and students Toko Yame and Arun Modi. They cannot continue to act as if everything is normal when the families of four victims are still crying for the justice. This never ending wait for justice is causing immense pain to these families. For the sake of humanity, they deserve to know what caused the death of their loved ones and the people responsible for it.