Improve collaboration

Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein on Sunday issued stern warning to construction agency TK Engineering of strong action if they fail to expedite the construction of first phase of four lane road project from Itanagar to Pappu-Nallah. The slow pace of construction has irked the citizens of capital complex. Daily commuters are facing harrowing time. Adding to it, the dust pollution in capital complex has increased massively due to ongoing work. The PWD highway should regularly monitor the progress of work. Early construction of four lane road will massively aid the effort of developing capital region.
This is the peak working season and road construction activities across the state has to pickup pace. Also the departments engaged in construction of roads in the state whether it is PWD, RWD or Border Road Organization should develop proper coordination for better implementation of the road projects. At present there is no proper coordination and each department is independently carrying out their work. Further the state government should create conducive atmosphere for the project to be successful. Most of the road construction projects including Trans Arunachal Highway, PMGSY have failed in the state. Issues like compensation, litigation, utility shifting etc creates big hurdle in the way of construction of road. These are administrative issues and state government is duty bound to solve it before the start of work. The district administrations should extend every possible help to the agencies involved in construction of road.