False hope

Chief Minister Pema Khandu is on district inauguration spree these days. On Monday he inaugurated Lepa Rada the 24th district of Arunachal Pradesh which has been carved out of Lower Siang comprising Tirbin, Dari, Sago and Basar circles. Ironically the Lower Siang district itself was created very recently. Few days ago he had inaugurated Shi Yomi district and is expected to inaugurate the new Pakke Kessang district within next few days. This district inauguration blitzkrieg looks more like election campaign and without any planning. With 2019 assembly and general election nearing the BJP government in the state is making every effort to woo voters with all sorts of promises.
Series of inauguration of new districts seems to be one of the tricks to win hearts of the voters. But government is taking huge gamble. They have not been able to take care needs of the people of existing districts but are promising moon to the newly created districts. Majority of the existing districts are struggling in all sectors. The road, education and health infrastructures are in shambles. State government has not been able to provide required funds to these districts. The condition of districts like Kurung Kumey, Longding, etc which was created years ago are still in horrible condition. Therefore instead of recklessly creating new one, the state government should focus on improving the standard of existing districts. Just to win elections they should not make false promises to the people. The new districts will need massive amount of funding to create newer infrastructures. If government can’t take care of the existing ones from where will they manage resource to fund the creation of new districts?