Big blunder

The global fight against terror organization Islamic State received big jolt on Wednesday with the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw the US forces from Syria. Mr Trump declared that war against ISIS is over and that terrorist organization has been defeated. The announcement has been met with shock by the international communities. The pullout could hurt fight against IS. He is wrong to claim that IS has been defeated which is not a fact. Still large swathe of area in Syria is under the control of Islamic state. They continue to be a major threat in the middle-east.
Interestingly Russian president, Vladimir Putin, whose military intervened in the Syrian war in 2015, turning the tide in favour of the Bashar Assad regime, has welcomed the US move. However the move will backfire in the long run. Apart from aiding the revival of ISIS, it will hurt the credibility of US. The Kurdish-led force that has led the ground war against Islamic State in Syria has condemned the decision to withdraw US troops from the country and claimed it will spark a revival of the terror group. The Syrian Democratic Forces, a group of Kurdish and Arab units raised by Washington specifically to fight Isis, said move would have “dangerous implications for international stability”. With US leaving, Turkey and regime of Bashar Assad will compete for supremacy in Syria. It will create more chaos in the country and such situation will help ISIS to revive. US is committing a big blunder by deciding to abandon war against IS in midway.