Naseeruddin Shah deserves appreciation

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah is once again facing a vitriolic attack from right wing groups. Mr Shah recently expressed anger over rise in mob violence in the country and said “poison” has spread in the Indian society where at some places, the death of a cow is given more significance than of a police officer. He also raised concerns about the safety of his children who, he said, do not follow any specific religion. Instead of debating over the concerns raised by him, the right groups are gunning for his head. BJP and its Sangh affiliates as expected are running hate campaign against Mr Shah for his comment. It is really unfortunate that people are asking him to go Pakistan and are busy declaring him as anti-national but are not ready to discuss the concerns raised by him.
Infact the apprehension raised by Naseeruddin Shah is very relevant in the present context. Today large section of minorities especially the Muslim and Christian communities are facing persecution in several states. Attacks on people of these two communities unleashed by Hindu right wing groups are on rise. Mob lynching of Muslims have become regular phenomenon. Any person can be lynched on mere suspicion of consuming or carrying beef. Just like Pakistan where the Muslim majority uses blasphemy law to unleash atrocities on its minorities, in India the cow has become a new weapon to target the minorities. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have simply failed to give sense of security to the minorities of India. By trying to suppress the voice of people like Naseeruddin Shah they are doing great disservice to the country. This kind of arrogant and dominating attitude is against the spirit of democracy. Naseeruddin Shah deserves appreciation for being brave enough to speak truth despite being under attack from Hindu right wing groups. Unless people from minority communities come forward and speak up for themselves, no one will stand up for them.