A lesson

Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Saturday while addressing a public rally at Kimin raised a very important issue of the role of citizen in the development of state. Citing example of how eastern Arunachal is progressing at much faster rate than western parts, Khandu appealed to the people to avoid seeking individual benefit and work for the benefit of state. He also shared that foundation for the much awaited Hollongi airport project is expected to be laid in January next by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself and sought the cooperation of the people of Hollongi to fast-track the airport project. Chief Minister Pema Khandu quite rightly stated that eastern region of state is way ahead of western region in terms of development. The majority of road projects in eastern belt have been successfully implemented. This has dramatically changed the landscape of the region.
Today all the major towns of eastern Arunachal are well connected through world class highways. This has been possible because of the pro-development attitude of the local people who are more concern for the development of region than that of individual. Unfortunately the majority of key infrastructure projects in western Arunachal including Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) and green field airport project at Hollongi have failed to take off due to compensation issue. The greed for compensation money has caused immense damage to progress of these projects. People should introspect and put an end to this greedy money culture. The people of eastern Arunachal have embrace development and shunned compensation culture. They are now reaping the benefits of development. Perhaps there is a lesson for rest of the state to learn.