Create job opportunities

After Madhya Pradesh, now Gujarat government is also promising to bring law to make 80% local hiring mandatory for new manufacturing and service sector units in the state. This was recently shared by Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. Earlier the MP Chief Minister Kamal Nath kicked up a controversy by announcing that incentives will be provided to those industries that hires 70 percent from the state. His statement that the people from UP and Bihar are taking away the jobs of local was strongly criticized. The Maharashtra government has also made it mandatory for the industries to give preference to local in the job.
In many parts of country the local people are increasingly demanding job reservation even in private sector. They allege that migrant population takes away their job. In recent years there have been riots in states like Gujarat and Maharashtra targeting the migrant workers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Unfortunately the people of UP and Bihar bore the brunt of the ire of local people. The lack of job opportunities in their respective states forces the people of these two states to migrate to other states to seek job. They will continue to be targeted as locals see them as job ‘snatcher’. The successive state governments in these two states have failed to create jobs forcing them to migrate. The UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is busy spreading hatred against minority communities but have no time to look into developmental issues. He should be more concern about creating jobs and accelerating pace of development than worrying about cows and minorities. In Bihar despite all the hype Nitish Kumar has also failed to bring in any substantial changes. Massive population, poor education scenario and lack of development pose big threat to future of Bihar and UP.