Bureaucratic hurdle

Chief Minister Pema Khandu on Wednesday announced that his government will grant ‘Tough Location Allowance (TLA)’ to the government employees of the state. CM also stated that in return the people expect total commitment from the employees to dedicatedly serve the citizens of state. The announcement is some kind of New Year gift to the govt employees. However the question remains whether the employees will truly return the favour and sincerely carry out their duties? It will be unfair to dub all the government employees of state as corrupt and lazy.
There are thousands of them who are performing their duties with utmost sincerity. They are the backbone of the state and their role is critical in the development of state. But there is no denying that a section of them has unfortunately failed to live upto expectation. Even though govt takes good care of employees, few of them creates hurdle in the development process for their personal benefits. The allegations of govt files getting stuck at the tables of babus without any reasons are common story in Arunachal Pradesh. Especially the employees of state civil secretariat have gained notoriety for withholding the files for months which immensely hampers the progress of state. Chief Minister Pema Khandu should pass strict instructions to all the government employees not to keep file pending without any valid reasons. The unnecessary hurdles created by the bureaucrats are one of the main reasons for delay in completion of development projects. Hopefully the Chief Minister will address this concern on priority.