Take pride in following traffic rule

The capital police have reportedly collected a whopping fine of Rs 43, 03000 in the year 2018 for violation of various provisions of Motor Vehicles (MV) Act. As per the data shared by SP capital, maximum violation is that of triple riding by two wheelers. But what is shocking is that despite strict imposition of penalties, the numbers of motor violation case have only increased and there is no behavioral change. Traffic violation is a major problem in the state. Most of the fatal accidents take place due to it.
Also the constant traffic jam witnessed in state capital is mostly due to violation of traffic. Lack of traffic sense among the people of Arunachal Pradesh is becoming matter of deep concern. The data shared by SP capital shows how people refuses to learn from the mistakes and continues to violate traffic without any fear. With the construction of several new highways, the condition of roads is improving in the state. However, due to improvement in road condition, more number of accidents are being reported as people indulge in reckless driving. This poses a big challenge to the law enforcing agencies. They need to intensify the drive against traffic violators. Also traffic awareness programmes should be conducted on regular basis to educate the masses. Most of the people have zero knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. The citizens also need to introspect on their part. They should take pride in following traffic rule and be a responsible citizen.