Economic blockade is against humanity

The All Moran Students’ Union (AMSU) Lekang Regional Committee (LRC) has launched economic blockade in eastern Arunachal by halting the entry of commercial vehicles from Dirak (Namsai district), Namchik and Bordumsa (Changlang), Sunpura (Lohit) and Shantipur (Lower Dibang Valley). The AMSU LRC is getting support from the AMSU, Assam. They are demanding PRC for the non-APSTs living in Lekang assembly constituency under Namsai district. The imposition of blockade has reportedly made life difficult for the people of eastern Arunachal. They are being forced to look for the alternate routes to move from one district to another.
The economic blockade is one of the worst forms of harassment. It makes life miserable for the people. Besides curbing the free movement of people, the blockade also leads to massive rise in prices of essential items. The non APST people living in Lekang area have every right to seek PRC for themselves. The constitution provides them democratic right to fight for the justice. However, the imposition of economic blockade that too against fellow Arunachalee is utterly inhuman. Such move will hurt the relation between APST and non APST communities. Also it will jeopardize their mission and make them villain in the eyes of tribal people. Therefore they should introspect and rethink their strategy. Though they are non APST but they are citizens of Arunachal since time immemorial. They should be careful and avoid being influenced by the outsiders.