New flashpoint

A new flashpoint has emerged between West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and BJP government at the centre over the CBI’s failed attempt to raid house of Kolkata police commissioner Rajeev Kumar. On Sunday evening CBI team tried to raid house of Mr Rajeev Kumar in connection with chit fund scam. This was followed by CBI and Kolkata police almost coming to blows and clashing with each other. Ms Banerjee immediately sat on dharna and alleged that BJP is using CBI to target her government. All the opposition parties have extended support to her. Meanwhile the BJP has demanded president rule in West Bengal and allege that CM is creating obstacle in the chit fund scam probe. Both BJP and TMC are trying their best to take maximum political mileage out of this drama.
However they may have already failed in it. TMC cannot deny the fact that chit fund scam took place under their regime and many party leaders have been named in the case. This scam rocked the lives of lakhs of people in West Bengal and North Eastern states. Many of those who lost money could not recover from it. Therefore the TMC is duty bound to ensure that people involved in the chit fund scam gets strongly punished. They may question the intention of BJP govt to suddenly speed up investigation just prior to general election but could have avoided creating hurdle in the path of CBI. On the other hand the BJP also cannot claim morale victory as leaders like Mukul Roy, the former TMC strongman who was one of prime accused in the chit fund scam are now with the saffron party. They are blatantly using CBI to target the rivals. It’s time for the SC to intervene and monitor the investigation of this multi crore chit fund scam.