IIT, Guwahati wins second prize at Microsoft Academia Acclerator Program

Guwahati, Feb 5 (PTI) The Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati has won the first runner up title with their mixed reality app – DUBG – for efficient post disaster management at Microsoft Academia Accelerator Programme, a release said.
Staing that DUBG is a mixed reality app for efficient post disaster management, the release said, “rescuers are busy during operation, which is why this app is based on Mixed Reality so that rescuers dont waste time on pre-planning their routes and operating any device for communication”.
“DUBG makes basic tasks like communication, navigation and current status monitoring easy for rescuers. The teams vision is to create an Augmented Reality based navigation system enhanced by voice assistant to make the rescue drives hassle free”, the Microsoft India release said.
A team from IIT Guwahati won the title on Tuesday at the Microsoft Academia Accelerator AXLE, an annual showcase of collaboration between Microsoft and academia, it said.
Using the current technology of Microsoft such as mixed reality and azure speech recognition, the IIT-Guwahati team has reimagined current disaster management system, the release said.
Students showcased innovative disaster management solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and Natural Language Processing at the event, the release added.