Make surprise visits

Governor BD Mishra during his tours to various districts of the state has been emphasizing the need for proper utilization of government funds. In various public meetings he has called for audit and review, as well as midcourse correction, wherever required. It is a good move on the part of the governor to educate the masses regarding proper utilization of government funds. The people of the state look up to the office of governor as a neutral body, and one that truly cares for the development of the state. The governor is making all the right noises by asking people to remain alert and ensure proper use of government funds.
Mishra deserves appreciation for continuously speaking about this issue in all his public addresses. However, words have to be followed by action. The governor should make surprise visits to the sites of ongoing developmental projects and check the progress of work. It may not be practically possible for him to make such visits to the districts, but he can start in the state capital and nearby areas. Why not visit the campus of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT) to monitor the ongoing works there? In fact, the work at the permanent campus of the NIT, in Jote, has stopped due to several factors. Everyone, including the state government and the HRD ministry, seems to have virtually abandoned the Jote campus. If the governor visits, it might help to restart the work. Also, there are reports of allegations of poor quality work and encroachment of land belonging to RGU. Maybe a surprise visit will give the governor a better idea of the ground reality. Similarly, there are various other ongoing developmental works in the state capital. To ensure proper utilization of funds, the governor should regularly monitor the progress of all these works.