Arunachal needs civil society

The recent tragic event in Itanagar that left three dead in police firing and scores, including police personnel, injured was one of the bloodiest in a state that has prided itself for peace. The violence continued for three straight days, with those not taking part in the violence watching in shock but unable to do anything.
Times like this are a reminder of the need to have a civil society that can come forward to show the way. During the three days, there was no word of solace or guidance from any corner. Every organisation retreated from the situation, exposing the hollowness.
It is indeed very sad that a state like Arunachal does not have a civil society.
It is therefore necessary to have strong, reliable civil society organisations that solely work for a civil society.
It is time for capable individuals who can lead with strong moral authority to come forth to fill that gap. The acute absence was felt during the violence we witnessed recently.
A society will only progress if there is space for negotiations, discussions and communication. If there is no space for discussion, it has to be created. For that space to be created, the learned citizens of the state must take the first initiative.