Nip it in the bud

The report of alleged atrocities on the people of Kathan village by Chakma militants is alarming. The Mishmi Welfare Society (MWS) has alleged that members belonging to a militant group comprising Chakmas are extorting from the local people in the area. Though it is too early to comment, the report of emergence of another militant group in eastern Arunachal is a matter of deep concern for the entire state. Already, several districts of the eastern region are battling the insurgency problem. Various factions of Naga militants along with the ULFA are active in the region.
These underground groups have made life miserable for the people of area. Therefore the report of the presence of Chakma militants will have to be taken very seriously. The state government should immediately look into the matter and take concrete steps against this new group. The government should nip it in the bud before it is too late. Further, the presence of Chakma militants has the potential to cause unrest in districts like Namsai, Lohit, Papum Pare and Changlang, which have large presence of Chakma refugee populations. It will further deteriorate the already tense relation between the refugee community and the indigenous tribes. This may also create law and order problems. The Chakmas should also introspect and dissuade their fellow community members from indulging in such antisocial activities. Forming of militant groups will only antagonize the indigenous tribes and further lead to the alienation of the Chakmas in the state.