Festival of election is here

With the declaration of dates for the assembly and Lokh Sabha elections, the people of Arunachal Pradesh are entering into election mode. For the next one month the entire state will get busy with election process. Election is virtually like a festival in the state. The candidates use every trick in the book to woo the voters. For one month voters become very important citizen. However, money culture during election is a serious problem affecting the election process in the state. Despite the campaigns for clean election which have been launched by various NGOs, the money still plays critical role in deciding fate of the candidates.
People often complain about lack of development but when election arrives they forget about development issues and seek instant gratification by selling their votes to the candidates. If Arunachal has to truly emerge as a developed state, the people will have to shun the money culture. The voters should cast their valuable votes for the candidates that come up with proper vision of development. Also the fear of violence especially in certain sensitive areas remains high. The election commission has big task ahead of them. While EC will be committed to ensure peaceful election, the role of candidates and supporters will also be crucial. Participation in election process is the most important component of democracy. Therefore everyone should peacefully take part in the election process and let the best candidates be the winner.