BJP ahead in stitching alliances

BJP seems to be moving ahead of Congress in stitching alliance at national level. The saffron party has rekindle relation with its old alliance partners Shiv Sena and JD (U) and is fighting election together. This despite the fact Sena and BJP has been at loggerhead against each other for the last few years. In Assam, party has managed to woo back its former ally AGP and will together contest the election. BJP is showing zeal and determination to win election which is somehow lacking in Congress. The grand old party is still struggling to formalize alliance in several states. In Bihar the opposition block are yet to resolve the seat sharing arrangement. Though Congress and RJD are coalition partners since many years but still they have not been able to resolve the seat sharing arrangement.
Similarly in Delhi too Congress is yet to make it’s stand clear on possibilities of alliance with AAP. One day they says party will go alone and next day again possibilities of alliance are raised by the party leaders. The indecisiveness has potential to cause massive damage to the Congress. The party has only 44 MPs in the outgoing Lok Sabha but still arrogantly believes that it will win many seats and therefore are failing to resolve seat sharing arrangement. Key leaders in the opposition have asked the Congress to partner with regional parties in Delhi and Bengal. The Congress is going it alone in these two states and also in Uttar Pradesh, where it has been kept out of the alliance by Mayawati and Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav. The anti-BJP votes are likely to split in the states where opposition parties’ fails to put up joint candidate. Such situation will give massive advantage to the saffron party.