Money culture is against democracy

Reports of seizure of cash and alcohol are pouring in from various parts of the state. As the elections near, more and more cash is being seized, which is a worrying sign. Arunachal Pradesh has acquired the dubious distinction of being an expenditure sensitive state. Huge amounts of money are being spent by the candidates to win elections. It directly affects the progress of the state. Unfortunately, the voters sell their votes during election time. They seem more concerned over immediate benefits than long-term development.
By accepting money during elections they commit a grave mistake. In fact, money culture is against democratic values. A democracy gives the right to the voters to elect candidates of their choice to serve them. They should make the best use of this opportunity and elect those who have a vision to work for the people in the true sense. But the reports pouring in from various parts of state show that money is still playing a critical role in the run-up to this year’s elections. This is a big disappointment for every right-thinking Arunachalee. Money culture is a big threat to the future of the state. It gives undue advantage to the ruling party’s candidates. Also, it creates a big obstacle in the path of development. Everyone should come together and vow to put an end to money culture.