The continuation of a trend

With the last date of withdrawal of nominations just a day away, the BJP has already bagged two seats in the state. Though the formal announcements are yet to be made, BJP candidates Taba Tedir and Kento Jini, from Yachuli and Aalo east assembly constituency, respectively, are assumed winners after the nomination papers of their rivals were rejected. The culture of getting elected uncontested continues in the state. In the 2014 assembly election, 11 Congress MLAs won unopposed, and the move was rightly criticized by everyone.
This culture of getting elected without contesting an election is against democratic norms. A democracy gives the right to the voters to elect leaders of their choice. In Arunachal, the ruling establishment is often seen using every means to make life miserable for the opposition candidates. In some cases the candidates gives up due to allurement, and in some instances they are forced to withdraw their candidature. Whatever may be the reasons, the culture of getting elected uncontested is against democracy and should be strongly desisted by every right-thinking citizen. Also, the candidates who use their ‘candidature’ to make money and fool the public should not be allowed to contest in the future. The people should be wary of those who misuse democracy for their personal gains.