Modi and his communal agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is once again resorting to communal politics to divert attention from issues like job, economy, etc. Launching a scathing attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi for picking Wayanad Lok Sabha seat in Kerala as his second seat along with Amethi, Modi on Monday said the Congress is now scared of fielding candidate from constituencies dominated by majority population. Modi said the Congress has insulted Hindus by calling them terrorists and hence they are scared of fielding their candidates from constituencies dominated by Hindu populations. The language used by the PM is communal in nature and the election commission should immediately take note of it.
The PM is trying to say as if contesting election from a minority concentrated area is a sin. There is nothing wrong in Gandhi contesting the election from Wayanad, which has a large minority population. In fact, it will send out a positive message to the rest of the world. The PM of the country should not resort to such cheap tactics just to win an election. Modi is a repeat offender and he thrives on communal politics. This ‘us versus them’ political discourse being patronized by the PM himself is deeply dividing the nation. The BJP and Modi may come back to power using such means, but in the long run the country will suffer. A section of the population, especially the minorities, is becoming disillusioned day by day with the communal agenda of the ruling dispensation. A sense of unease prevails in the country now.