Allegation shouldbe investigated

Days after the killing of two political workers by underground (UG) elements in troubled Tirap and Longding districts, the National People’s Party’s (NPP) candidate for the Longding-Pumao constituency in Longding district, Thangwang Wangham, on Thursday alleged that UG groups are dictating to the people to support the BJP in the election. He also alleged that the Pema Khandu-led BJP government in the state is resorting to this tactic to win the election. This is a startling revelation and should be thoroughly investigated. He has accused the chief minister and the ruling party of using UG elements in the election.
This is for the first time that such serious allegations have been levelled against any sitting CM. Allegations of the involvement of underground elements are made in every election in Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts. Groups like the NSCN (IM), the NSCN (K), the NSCN (R), etc, are active in the three districts. Various candidates accuse one another of taking the help of Naga militants to influence the outcome of elections. But for the first time a chief minister and the ruling party is being directly accused of using underground groups in the election. Wangham is a very senior politician and has been elected several times from the Longding-Pumao constituency. He has been a minister and occupied several top positions in the past. His allegation cannot be taken lightly. It is for the home ministry and the Election Commission of India to look into the matter. If a powerful politician is feeling the pressure from the militants, imagine what will be the condition of ordinary citizens.