Victory of democracy

With polling percentage of around 70, the people of Arunachal Pradesh have overwhelmingly participated in the elections for the legislative assembly and Lok Sabha seats. A large number of people, especially youths and women, came out to vote. This is a healthy sign for the state. Also, the elections were by and large peaceful throughout the state. Now everyone will wait anxiously for the 23rd of May to know the outcome of the polls. The participation of the large number of people in the elections is a big message to the politicians. The people of the state want a stable government which truly works for the welfare of the citizens.
The last five years were really bad for the state. The state saw three chief ministers, and the MLAs kept changing loyalties. The instability badly affected the developmental process of the state. Development took a backseat and politicians were busy ensuring the safety of their own chairs. Today’s large turnout was a vote for peace and for a stable government. Further, the low violence witnessed during the voting day showed the maturity of the citizens. Hopefully, the same maturity will be shown on the day of the results and everyone will gracefully accept the results. The people of the state deserve a big round of applause for coming out in large numbers to participate in the elections. This shows the immense faith of the people in the democratic process.