Time to pull up socks

The shootout between police and criminals, followed by the arrest of 13 robbers, including some surrendered members of the NDFB, from Roing in Lower Dibang Valley district is a deeply disturbing development. The robbers were reportedly on the verge of committing a bank robbery. Most of them are from neighbouring Assam. The incident raises a serious question mark over our security preparedness. How did these criminals manage to enter the state, carrying weapons and other materials, without being detected at the check gate? The police definitely deserve appreciation for nabbing them before they could commit the crime, but still, it is a matter of concern that the criminals managed to evade the police at the check gate while entering Roing.
Most of the police check gates in the state which have been established at the entry points of the state have become ineffective over the years. In fact, these check gates are becoming hubs of corrupt activities. With the improvement in the interstate road connectivity, especially in the eastern region, a large number of people from Assam visit Arunachal for various purposes. The criminals are taking advantage of the situation and therefore the police have to remain vigilant. Districts like Namsai, East Siang, Lohit and Lower Dibang Valley are especially vulnerable and face threat from criminals operating from Assam. Further, groups like the NDFB, the ULFA, etc, are also active in these areas. The Roing incident is a wakeup call for the security officials of the state. It’s time they pulled up their socks and got fully prepared to check the activities of interstate criminal gangs.