Police abetting drug peddlers : Meghalaya HC

SHILLONG, May 12: A report by the Meghalaya High Court has suggested that illicit drugs are openly being sold in Shillong with peddlers conniving with the state police to keep the business thriving.
It also stated that students of prominent schools and colleges in the city are involved in the trade, some as traffickers and others as consumers.
The court had taken up the case based on a PIL filed by the chairperson of the Meghalaya State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Meena Kharkongor.
Some of the schoolchildren, as young as 11 or 12, get involved in the trade despite knowing the antecedents, said the report, which has not been made public, but a copy of which is available with PTI.
“Police are not taking any action at all and they are in connivance hand-in-hand with the peddlers,” it said.
The narcotics are openly procured from Kalain area in Assam’s Silchar district, and sold in around 30 places in the city, including high-security areas near the gates of the Assam Rifles and the police beat houses, besides the city’s Police Bazaar area, the court said in the report.
“The places where drugs are easily available usually go unchecked, with the peddlers moving at liberty,” it said.
The high court has also sought improved coordination among the opioid substitution centres, the narcotic cell of the police, and the customs and intelligence agencies to curb the growing menace.
It directed the state government to set up separate jails for drug users to prevent them from mingling with and influencing other inmates into becoming addicts.
According to sources in the government, Additional Senior Government Advocate S Sengupta has forwarded the report of the high court to the administration.
They also said the court has directed the state government to submit documents detailing the ways adopted to stop the sale of illicit drugs in the state. (PTI)