Muck dumping is a serious issue

In another case of violation of laid down norms, a road construction agency has been accused of damaging an irrigation channel in Lower Dibang Valley district by recklessly dumping muck. The irrigation channel, constructed on the Mekong river, reportedly provides water for the agriculture and horticulture fields of the area. The damage is expected to severely hurt the farmers. Improper dumping of muck has become a major concern in the state. Arunachal Pradesh is witnessing construction of roads everywhere, including the Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH), the PMGSY roads, etc. The debris collected from earth-cutting is not properly disposed of by the road construction agencies.
This is causing major environmental hazards. Most of the construction agencies directly dump the muck into rivers. Besides polluting the rivers, they also affect the aquatic life. Even in places like Pakke-Kessang, improper dumping of muck caused major havoc last year. There was flooding as the natural flow of the river was blocked by debris. The ministry of environment & forests has set guidelines on muck dumping. However, unfortunately, none of the construction and implementing agencies in the state follows these guidelines. The environment & forests department is the worst in this regard. It should be the one which monitors these road construction agencies to make sure that muck dumping is properly carried out. It is a shame that contractors blatantly violate the guidelines under the nose of the department but they are always found wanting. This is an issue which has to be properly addressed as it concerns the future of the state. The rich natural resources are the future of our state, and efforts should be made to preserve them.