Gracefully accept election result

The whole nation awaits the outcome of the parliament election. The result will decide which political party will govern Indian for the next five years. The seven phase election was long and tiring. The Arunachal Pradesh was one of the first states to go on poll. Voting for assembly and parliament election took place simultaneously on April 11. It’s been a long wait for everyone in the state. Violence has rocked the election process. The horrific killing of 11 people including NPP candidate and sitting MLA from Khonsa west assembly constituency Tirong Aboh at Tirap on Tuesday has further aggravated the situation.
Earlier one of his supporter was also killed in election related violence. The situation in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi remains tensed too. Poll related violence have rocked these two districts. There is general apprehension that state might witness more violence post the declaration of election results. An air of uncertainty looms large throughout the state. The fear and chaos are prevailing everywhere. It is the duty of political parties, candidates and their workers to make sure that everyone gracefully accepts the election results. Violence is not the solution to any problem. If people find any glitches they should take legal route to seek justice. Enough lives have been lost in this election. Further bloodshed should not be allowed to take place.