Booming market for adulterated products

The seizure of adulterated petroleum products from Naharlagun on Saturday by the capital police is an eye-opener for the consumers. In the past, people have often alleged that the petrol pumps of the capital complex sold adulterated products which affected the performance of vehicles. However, this was the first time that the police caught an oil tanker red-handed in the act of supplying adulterated products. Though the Capital Complex Petroleum Depot Association issued a statement claiming that it is against all forms of adulteration, particularly in petroleum products, the authorities should conduct random checks at all the petrol depots.
Strong action, such as cancelling of licence, should be taken against those who indulge in such illegal practices. The selling of adulterated products is a serious crime and is punishable under the law. Arunachal Pradesh has become a booming market for those selling adulterated products. This is not limited to petroleum products alone. In the district headquarters and interior parts of the state, the situation is worse. It is alleged that most of the medicines and food products sold in the state are also compromised. Medicines which are about to expire make their way to the pharmacies and hospitals of the state. Especially in the government-run hospitals, the suppliers mostly supply medicines that are on the verge of expiry as they are reportedly cheaper and help the contractors to earn big. There is a nexus between suppliers and some of the government officials. The authorities should regularly conduct checks at all the shops to stop such illegal activities.